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Full text: Fusing ROV-based photogrammetric underwater imagery with multibeam soundings for reconstructing wrecks in turbid waters

Underwater photogrammetry 
Hydrographische Nachrichten 
proach is further warranted in turbid water, such as condition. Spatial data infrastructures of maritime 
the Baltic Sea, where visibility rarely exceeds one administrations benefit from these added values 
to two metres. The resulting georeferenced high for improved decision-making.// 
density point cloud can be further attributed with 
RGB information from the cameras, as well as the 
intensities of the backscattered MBES signals. The Acknowledgements 
oriented camera stations are furthermore available The authors thank the Deneb crew for their great support 
in the coordinate system of the MBES data and can during the experiments. This work is partially funded by 
be used for further investigations on the wreck's Volkswagen Foundation (ZN3253). 
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